Health Plans

Desert Family Medical Center, the Offices of Erik G. Palmer, D.O. is an Exclusive Primary Care Physician with Desert Oasis Healthcare (, accepting patients with the following HMO health plans:

Medicare Advantage Plans:
Aetna Medicare, Alignment Health Plan (formerly Citizens Choice Health Plan), Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield 65 Plus, Care 1st Health Plan, Easy Choice Health Plan, Golden State Medicare Health Plan, Health Net, Inter Valley Health Plan, SCAN Health Plan, and UnitedHealthCare

Commercial HMO Plans:
Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Net, Health Net Covered California HMO, and UnitedHealthCare

Accepted Health Plans

Currently, our office does not accept uninsured patients.

This office only accepts the following health plans: Medicare Advantage Plans and Commercial HMO Plans through Desert Oasis Healthcare (see above), Medicare with Part B Supplement, Tricare, select PPO Insurances (please check with our office), and Health Net Covered California HMO through DOHC ONLY.

Please note, we DO NOT accept any other Covered California policies, as we are not contracted providers.


Your co-payment is required at the time of your appointment. No exceptions, we reserve the right to refuse treatment if we do not receive payment. This office only accepts cash and MasterCard and Visa at this time.

We do not accept personal or corporate checks for co-payments. As a service to our patients, we will bill your health plans for services you receive.  After your health plan company pays their portion; you may receive a bill depending on your health plan policy from our office for the remainder of your bill that your health plan does not cover based on your contract. These billing statements are due within 30 days of your receipt. After 90 days, any unpaid portion of the bill will be sent to collections.

Please remember that your health plan is a consumer product subject to change; and if you change health plans during the course of treatment, you are accountable for all charges.